20f#*%!ng20 wines

What a tough year it was for all of us. An intense drought, grasshopper plagues, bushfires, then flooding and the virus shutdowns.

All reports hinted towards all grapes being unusable in NSW. Being one of the few natural winemakers in NSW who also farm made us worry about our growers' wellbeing moving forward. We picked most of the fruit ourselves to lower costs under the agreement that we would pay our growers if the wine was sellable and drinkable. So here we are, with six wines to boot that we are actually very happy with.

All our wines are organically or biodynamically grown. For this unusual vintage we have added 20 ppm of sulfur. It's not a lot, but just so you know. This vintage was rather small, so there aren’t large quantities of any of the wines. First in, best dressed.