We're still icing our backsides from 2020's ass whopping but we couldn't be happier with this vintage.

But hey, we're only human and naturally whining. 

What started as a sun bathed vintage quickly turned into Netflix Original Series "Sad Boy Summer" for its relentless grey skies, floods and 2 cool for harvest temperatures resulting in disease. Our vines struggled and from the onset we knew there'd be hurdles. Downy mildew, botrytis and grey rot were common not only in our Kanimbla Valley vineyard but in Orange and Canowindra where we source our grapes as well. 

The small blip of setbacks we saw in 2021 was nothing compared to the overwhelming amount of support and help from our friends and family. Not to mention the fabulous food & wine, amazing bunch of vintage helpers, what more could you ask for?